FAQ Stock Ledger

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  • What should I do if I receive an error within dataflow?

    You can cut and paste the error dialogue to enable you to email the error directly to the Support department. Alternatively you can print the error and fax it to us on 01784 460806. Please provide details of how the error occurred in all instances.

  •  I have added a new stock item but I cannot see the code when viewing a stock enquiry.

    Check that the code has been assigned to a stock location (if used) through ‘Stock ledger/ set-up/stock items/ locations/ assign stock – locations’

  • How do I get my EC transactions to appear on either my EC Sales Listing or EC Intrastats listing?

    The customer account will need to have an EC country code selected in relation to the delivery address. The individual transaction line will also require a CCCN number (customer commodity code number) against the Product code.