FAQ Sales Order Processing Ledger

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  • When attempting to 'right click' on an order in the Document Control window, why can I no longer see a menu option to View Notes?

    You must first ensure that the parameter 'View Notes' is checked in the Document Control window.

  • Is there any way of speeding up the time it takes to load the Document Control Window?

    If the parameters for 'View Notes' and 'Delivery Address' are checked under 'View' then this will have a big impact on the speed when a large number of documents are selected to display.

  • Within the Document Control window there are a number of orders that seem to be 'missing' from the grid.

    Check under the 'Options' tab none of the filters have been applied that may exclude the orders from appearing, for example, 'By Date' or 'By User'.

  • What should I do if I receive an error within dataflow?

    You can cut and paste the error dialogue to enable you to email the error directly to the Support department. Alternatively you can print the error and fax it to us on 01784 460806. Please provide details of how the error occurred in all instances.

  • How do I configure ‘short cuts’ to commonly used tasks?

     Firstly ensure that the ‘Speedbar’ is visible under the Window menu option. Then right click on the bar and configure. You can now drag and drop menu icons on to the Speedbar. 

  • Is there a quicker way to produce a Sales Order Return instead of having to re-enter all the order lines again?

    When viewing the sales orders/ returns grid select the options tab then on the left hand side of this tab to change the document status according to the progression of the original order. Select the order and use the ‘copy’ facility. Before confirming the update, ensure that you change the document type to ‘return’. 

  • When modifying a posting, how do I modify the Cost Centres?

     Press Ctrl + O, which is the keyboard shortcut.