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  • I run stmnts, check the 'clear paid items' box, but Invoices that have been fully paid still appear?

    The system requires that the cleared items must have appeared on a hard copy statement once. Therefore if you wish to send a statement to the customer showing only outstanding items to be paid, you must in effect print a hard copy twice with the 'clear paid items' box checked. 

  • Is it possible to control the entry of 'transaction dates' to prevent them falling outside of the current financial year?

    Yes! Firstly the system will always display a warning message if the operator was to enter a transaction date that was more that 1 year from the system date. In addition it is possible to implement a 'Date Deviation' through the Setup/Default Company Parameters which restricts a transaction date being entered outside of a pre-determined range e.g. 30 days.

  • When 'right clicking' on an Invoice through the transaction enquiry facility to access the 'modify lines' option, do I receive the error message - 'Transaction is not manual-set to Read Only'?

     It is only possible to use the modify lines facility on a Manually Raised Invoice. This error will be displayed if the Invoice was generated through Document Invoicing Control.

  • Can I easily see all the transactions that make up the figures of the Sales Control Totals?

    By highlighting the particular cell where a breakdown of the transactions is required and 'right clicking' the mouse, you are then able to select 'Show Transactions' (keyboard shortcut Ctrl T) to display all transactions. Furthermore you are able to 'drag and drop' this information into a spreadsheet to analyse.

  • There are a number of Sales Invoices within the Document Control window where the 'Update' button is not available.

    Check that the document has been printed and if necessary also 'Authorised'. 

  • I have a multi-company setup and require a different invoice template per company without having to manually specify the template each time I create an invoice.

     It is possible to achieve this by using the 'Document Groups' facility within the Setup menu option. You may specify a template to be part of a group and then assign this group to the accounts of a particular company.

  • What should I do if I receive an error within dataflow?

    You are able to cut and paste the error dialogue to enable you to email the error directly to the Support department. Alternatively you can print the error and fax it to us on 01784 460806. Please provide details of how the error occurred in all instances.

  • Within the sales (and purchase) cash allocation windows I can’t seem to get the right click option ‘allocate all’.

    This option can only be used if the sum of the outstanding invoices is exactly equal to the selected cash. 

  • How do I get my EC transactions to appear on either my EC Sales Listing or EC Intrastats listing?

    The customer account will need to have an EC country code selected in relation to the delivery address. The individual transaction line will also require a CCCN number (customer commodity code number) against the Product code.

  • I cannot see current outstanding transactions for particular accounts when attempting to allocate cash.

    Check under Authorise and Re-distribute as to whether they have a status of “on hold” or “pending”. This would prevent them from being available for allocation.

  • I cannot see invoices I entered within the sales document control window.

    Click on the options tab and ensure that the filter options are not excluding the invoices.

  • If I am in the middle of posting cash & the account I want does not exist, do I have to discard the batch I am working on?

    No, you are able to add new accounts ‘on-the-fly’.

  • How do I configure ‘short cuts’ to commonly used tasks?

     Firstly ensure that the ‘Speedbar’ is visible under the Window menu option. Then right click on the bar and configure. You can now drag and drop menu icons on to the Speedbar.

  • How can I speed up the Sales (& Purchase) ledger enquiry grid?

    By reducing the number of ‘Account Browse details’ checked, within the User Parameters in Sales Ledger Parameters Setup.

  • Can I delete Sales (& Purchase) accounts?

    Yes, unless they have had any transactions posted to them, in which case from within setup, use Accounts/Company Setup to exclude that account from your company.

  • When modifying a posting, how do I modify the Cost Centres?

     Press Ctrl + O, which is the keyboard shortcut.