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  • Is it possible to restrict certain users from seeing various Nominal Codes?

    Yes - by checking 'Apply account level security' through Nominal Ledger Parameters setup. This will enable an extra tab - 'Security' within the Nominal Chart of Accounts Setup, which gives the ability to restrict access to Nominal Codes by Group.

  • Why when attempting to post a transaction with a VAT element through the Cashbook Posting routine, are the VAT type options not available to select?

    Check that the Source account specified is flagged as 'Cash Account' within the Nominal Chart of Accounts setup. Also if both the Nominal and Contra accounts selected have been set up as 'Cash Accounts' then this too will prevent a VAT split.

  • Why do VAT adjustments to the VAT control account made using the Nominal Journal routine not appear on the VAT analysis report?

    Nominal Journal postings will not be reflected on the VAT analysis. You must use the Cashbook Posting routine to record any transactions that are subject to VAT analysis.

  • I cannot locate some Journal Postings through the Account Enquiry or by running a transaction details listing. What am I doing wrong?

    The postings were probably reversals. Try un-ticking the 'exclude reversals' check box within the Options tab on the Nominal Ledger transaction enquiry screen and transaction details listing report.

  • Is there anyway that I can remove a 'Recurring Posting', where the number of occurrences have not been reached?

    You must first reverse the journals that have already been posted by using the 'Roll Back' facility to the date of the first posting within the transaction browse window. Once all postings have been reversed, you may simply 'remove' the transaction.

  • The system will not allow me to remove a 'Recurring Posting. Why is this?

    The number of occurrences the journal should be posted that was specified when the transaction was originally set-up have not been reached.

  • When running a transaction details report, I would like to see the opening and closing balances appear on the report. Is this possible?

    Yes! Within the report parameters window ensure that the 'by period' box is checked.

  • I would like to reconcile an account, however it does not appear in the list of Reconcilable Accounts.

    You must ensure that the 'Reconcilable' flag is checked against the Nominal Code within the Nominal Chart of Accounts setup.

  • My 'Opening Balance as at' date is incorrect when I come to reconcile my account.

    This date defaults to the day after the last completed reconciliation. If this has been entered incorrectly then you must reverse the last reconciliation and re-reconcile to the correct date.

  • I have made an error within Account Reconciliation. Is it possible to reverse cleared items back to a previous statement date?

    You can change the 'Opening Balance at' date to the date of the last correct Statement, which will ensure previously cleared items are displayed. You can then use the 'Unclear All' button to reverse the reconciliation. 

  • What should I do if I receive an error within dataflow?

    You are able to cut and paste the error dialogue to enable you to email the error directly to the Support department. Alternatively you can print the error and fax it to us on 01784 460806. Please provide details of how the error occurred in all instances.

  • In the past I have closed nominal periods without a problem however when I come to close the Year End the ‘close’ button is not highlighted?

    You must specify a valid Retained Profit & Loss Nominal Code within the drop down selection field.

  • Can I produce a journal to affect previously closed periods?

    Yes using the ‘Journal Adjustment’ routine. 

  • What’s the quickest method of reversing a journal?

    Right click the mouse button on any transaction that makes up the journal batch and select ‘modify batch’. All transactions will now display. Again click the right mouse button, and select ‘reverse batch’. The system will reverse all entries and the user will be presented with the Update button to confirm reversal.

  • How do I configure ‘short cuts’ to commonly used tasks?

    Firstly ensure that the ‘Speedbar’ is visible under the Window menu option. Then right click on the bar and configure. You can now drag and drop menu icons on to the Speedbar.

  • Can I delete Cost Centres I no longer require?

    No, not if postings have already been allocated to them, but you can amend them so that they have a Z at the beginning, so they don’t appear at the top in a dropdown.

  • Press Ctrl + O, which is the keyboard shortcut.

    Press Ctrl + O, which is the keyboard shortcut.