Stock Control

Dataflow facilitates the efficient and accurate management of stock levels, minimises excess or obsolete inventory and helps improve cash flow. With a rich set of features, Dataflow helps businesses to balance the availability of their products and provide a better quality of service to their customers.

Dataflow manages a range of costing methods and multiple warehouses effortlessly. Users can apply different costs and selling prices, with minimum stock and re-order levels on a site-specific basis to deliver efficient stockholding.

The Stocktake facility allows you to efficiently monitor your stock levels and easily identify any discrepancies. There are a range of valuation methods to choose from, including Actual, FIFO, Weighted Average and Standard Cost.

Easy-to-use price matrices store unique pricing structures for every combination of customer and product, with profitability tracked against every line item sold. A Global Price Change utility is provided to simplify maintaining pricing information.

Dataflow integrates with barcode scanners to deliver all the aspects of barcoding required for over-the-counter sales. The system features the ability to maintain multiple barcodes against each individual stock record, including multiple suppliers, pack sizes and inner or outer packaging.


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