Online Procurement

Dataflow is an online Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) solution; encompassing everything from request for quote to punch-out, requisition and authorisation. It is ideal for any organisation operating out of multiple locations or with a large user base.

Dataflow is a MS SQL based system and features multi-tiered authorisation and workflow processes in a web-browser environment.  A part of the Dataflow range of financial management software solutions, it can be used as a standalone solution and integrates seamlessly with existing accounting and ERP solutions.

Once you have installed Dataflow at your head office, purchase orders can be raised from anywhere using the intuitive web application. Custom controls for budget and authorisation allow you to configure workflows to suit your business and the built-in email agent makes distribution of information quick, easy and auditable.

Dataflow eProcurement provides a greater degree of control over you purchasing. The availability of accurate, real-time management information makes price negotiation and supplier selection easier and helps you to anticipate future purchasing needs.