Mobile Salesman

Dataflow is committed to helping provide our clients with ongoing B2B Ecommerce success. The Dataflow Mobile Salesman app allows sales representatives and agents to process orders from customers with the utmost simplicity, anywhere, on any device. What's more, the Mobile Salesman App allows you to process orders in real-time and provides full integration with your back-office Financial and Supply Chain Management Systems on ONE platform.

The App is a must have for Wholesalers, Distributors and Cash & Carries who wants to as well as streamlining their order processing, to provide a selling tool that empowers the representative to have the latest information on clients and products at their figuretip.

With ability to add customers, search on products, seeing the correct prices, stock level, providing the customers with their own priced catalogue, is what all the "on the road" salesman have been waiting for.

The app is easy to use, available on most Phone & Tablets to give your team to sell your products anytime & anywhere.


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