Dataflow has been rated as “STRONG” in a new market report

A new study carried out by Plimsoll UK, the world's leading provider of market reports and company analysis. With 25 years’ experience and over 20,000 customers has given Dataflow the highest accolade they award which reflects our excellent performance over the last 12 months

Plimsoll conformation reads:

Congratulations, your company has been rated as “STRONG” in a new analysis of the UK’s 221 largest Financial Software companies. This is the highest accolade we award and reflects your excellent performance over the last 12 months.

What is more impressive is that you have achieved this in a difficult marketplace where 65 of your competitors are in financial danger and a record number are making a loss.

The Plimsoll Analysis – Financial Software, individually assesses the 221 companies using the proven and easy to read Plimsoll Model. The model highlights the latest performance of each company and separates those in trouble from those getting it right. You will be surprised at some of the established names that are in real jeopardy.

The report shows you instantly, where each company is strong, what weaknesses they may have and how they have performed over the last 4 years. As a result of this analysis, we are then able to provide a rating of Strong, Good, Mediocre, Caution or Danger. These ratings expose the truth behind company performance in your market.

We are immensely pleased with the Plimsoll report and congratulate all Dataflow staff for their loyalty and hard work during these unsettled years! Darius Mogtader, Managing Director.