The 4th Largest International Credit Card Scheme chooses dataflow to control its UK and European Acc

Japanese credit card (JCB) International the 4th largest international credit card scheme in the world has chosen the dataflow financial system for its across-the-board multi-currency and multi-based currency functionality enabling them to produce consolidated management reports across the network of companies in Europe reporting into the London office

Established in 1961, JCB International is a leader in the Japanese credit card industry with a reputation for providing superior customer service. Based in Japan and with 51.6 million cardholders around the globe, the company employs 2,350 staff in 52 offices and 8 service centres. JCB cards are currently accepted at 11.71 million merchants in 189 countries and territories worldwide.

As a global financial operation, staff at JCB International process transactions in a wide range of different currencies, and as a consequence their accounting operation has to be able to handle complex foreign exchange manipulation.

The MS SQL Enterprise system chosen by the company provides them with multi-company, multi-currency and multi-based currency functionality enabling them to produce consolidated management reports across the network of companies in Europe reporting into the London office.

The implementation of the Analyzer module will give JCB the ability to transport relevant financial data directly from dataflow to the desktop, converting financial data into reports that are easy to use and which can be manipulated to suit changing requirements. The module includes a comprehensive report template generator with automated refresh and recalculated fields. Through Analyzer, information can be disseminated anywhere throughout the company for review, budgeting input or decision support.



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Dataflow was founded in response to a demand for more flexible software capabilities than standard off-the-shelf packages and specialise in the design and development of business management software, with a particular emphasis on accounting.

dataflow was the first true 32~bit product to be released for the UK SME market and was the first UK accounting software compatible with Microsoft's SQL Server, taking advantage of all aspects of the Windows environment. Dataflow is committed to developing a high quality accounting and business management solution that will enhance the productivity of small to medium-sized businesses.

One of dataflow's strengths is its customisation ability and the Customizer toolkit allows you to adapt dataflow without altering the underlying source code. You can change or add to the standard screens, and create new user-defined screens. All modifications are automatically re-applied when a new release becomes available. Programmable interfaces using ActiveX and XML are available to external systems for retrieving data, creating and modifying customer accounts, supplier accounts, stock items and other similar data, and for posting accounting, document and stock transactions.

We also aim to provide this solution as the financial backbone for vertical market and bespoke applications that offers a controlled environment for secure and professional integration. Utilising the Customizer toolkit, Dataflow have developed vertical market applications for industries such as Distribution, Haulage Management, Storage & Warehousing, Automotive Workshop Administration, Waste Management, Property Management and School Administration. All these systems have at their heart the dataflow financial management software, giving them a truly integrated solution.

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For more information, please contact:

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