Tamale Metropolitan District Assembly awards Dataflow with the contract

Ghana’s Tamale Metropolitan District Assembly has awarded Dataflow the contract to implement Dataflow Financials for their district.

The Municipality of Tamale is one of the 18 districts in the Northern Region of Ghana. It is centrally located in the region and hence serves as a hub for all administrative and commercial activities in the region. Tamale, the municipal capital is also the political, economic and financial capital of the region.

The major government departments, ministries and NGO’s have Tamale as their operational centre. The Municipality shares boundaries with Savelugu-Nanton to the West, Yendi to the East and Gonja to the South.

Dataflow are proud to be implementing our first system for a governmental office of Ghana. This is our first governmental post in Ghana and we are looking forward to take our system to other districts in the future. Darius Mogtader, Managing Director