Dataflow (UK) Limited Releases an Accounts Internet Server

- Dataflow has launched its AIS (Accounts Internet Server) module for the Visual Studio.NET platform -

AIS is a web based accounting server that provides all the components to perform any accounting task, (without the need for the developer to know any accounting technical details,) within the secure dataflow accounts server using standard XML messages, e.g. Customer and Supplier maintenance, Order/Delivery/Invoice Processing, Stock Enquires, Nominal Journals, Project Accounting, etc.

AIS is fully compatible with the standard dataflow accounts software and both systems can be updating the dataflow accounts database simultaneously. AIS need only be used in the areas of the workflow of the organisation that require a custom solution.

The product is a FULL accounting system, but without the interface. Organisations can add their own interface to the areas that they require customisation in, with the knowledge that the underlying data is safe, secure and all transaction processing is done accurately in a fully controlled manner.

The accounts sever is placed on DMZ of the firewall and processes requests and commands from the outside world, providing or updating data on the MS SQL accounts database which sits on the users internal network. The accounts server provides a secure environment in which remote users are able to use the accounting system, but prevents Internet traffic having direct access to the user’s network and databases.

The back office accounts operate as normal with data arriving from, and being distributed to, multiple external sources: clients placing “web” orders, enquiring on the state of their account, suppliers providing updates for due deliveries, the sales force connecting remotely to interrogate availability, etc. All these can be achieved with an organisation’s own interface through their own website.

Darius Mogtader says “This is ideal for any visionary company. Instead of being restricted to what is offered by a standard off-the-shelf system, they can develop their own unique interface in Visual Studio using tools such as Visual Basic (.Net), Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual J#, ASP.NET etc. to perform any accounting process via the Internet or Intranet with the components within dataflow’s Accounts Internet Server”.

Dataflow AIS is a huge step forward for organisations who would be better served by fully customized areas of their business systems, especially where processes require streamlining or automating.